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As a consumer, you're probably familiar with the emergence of the so-called sharing economy, with the most notable names being Uber and Lyft within the ridesharing space and Airbnb within the vacation home industry, to name just a few.
It's possible, maybe even likely, you've even used them yourself.

But did you realize that ridesharing has boomed from nothing into a $9 billion dollar industry in just 5 years?

Or that it's growing at an astonishing clip of 20.5% a year?

It's a trend that's revolutionizing the travel industry—and the cab companies, rental car companies, and public transportation are getting crushed in the process.

Even so, ridesharing enterprises have barely scratched the surface as far as their ultimate market share potential: Just 15% of Americans have used ride-hailing apps like Uber or Lyft. That's right, just one in eight.

Deloitte estimates that “almost 19 million commuters in US metro areas could switch from driving to ridesharing if current barriers to ridesharing were eliminated.”

It's a wave that's just getting started—and as investors, we want to get in on the profit-creating action that ridesharing represents. This special report outlines exactly how you can do that—and in the process, could give you a way to turn two or three thousand dollars into tens of thousands!


Equity Research Daily – video & full article here FLITWAYS – OTC – FTWS  



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